Sunday, July 24th - 2-4pm

Come place your heart above your head and your courage above your fears in this Inversion Playshop with Yogi, teacher, and student Ivorie Jenkins. 

In this workshop, we will work on Handstand, Forearm stand, Head stand and Shoulder Stand.  We will break down each pose and work slowly and precicely so you can develop strength and confidence. 

Come play!  Space is limited. $25 Early Bird Special, $30 at the door

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Sunday, July 31st - 2-3:30pm

Get to know your chakras!  This workshop will introduce students to the basic characteristics of the seven Chakras within the subtle body.  Essential Oils will be used as a catalyst for physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment for a deeper yoga and meditation practice.  Donations are appreciated. 

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Breathwork caught me by surprise...Within minutes my body was pulsing with vibrations and I was vaulted into a new state of awareness. Long-buried sorrows and emotional wounds surfaced and gently melted away as I tapped into pure joy, love, and inner peace. 

I had stumbled upon an ancient yogic breathing technique that was better than drugs, and I was addicted.  Come see for yourself ;-) 

West LA Yoga Studio

Brentwood Yoga Studio


(see parking page for info)

12217 Santa Monica Blvd. #205
Los Angeles CA, 90025


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