Sunday, July 31st - 2-3:30pm

Get to know your chakras!  This workshop will introduce students to the basic characteristics of the seven Chakras within the subtle body.  Essential Oils will be used as a catalyst for physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment for a deeper yoga and meditation practice.  Donations are appreciated. 

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Breathwork caught me by surprise...Within minutes my body was pulsing with vibrations and I was vaulted into a new state of awareness. Long-buried sorrows and emotional wounds surfaced and gently melted away as I tapped into pure joy, love, and inner peace. 

I had stumbled upon an ancient yogic breathing technique that was better than drugs, and I was addicted.  Come see for yourself ;-) 

West LA Yoga Studio

Brentwood Yoga Studio


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12217 Santa Monica Blvd. #205
Los Angeles CA, 90025


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